Air Traffic Navigation, Integration, and Coordination System (ATNAVICS)

AN/TPN-31 ATNAVICS is the world's only fully autonomous, ICAO/NAS compliant, radar approach control system transportable in a single C-130 aircraft.

Atnavics Radar Vehicle

The following picture is the ATNAVICS radar vehicle with the tactical generator trailer attached. The system uses an S-Band air surveillance radar, an L-Band secondary surveillanceradar/identification friend or foe, and an X-Band precision approach radar.

atnavics radar vehicle and trailer

Operations Vehicle

The following picture shows the Operations vehicle. It houses two air traffic control positions.

operations vehicle

Operations Vehicle Interior

ATNAVICS uses Raytheon's AutoTrac automation software. The controller display can be up to 3,200 feet away from the radar using the fiber-optics cable shown on the left side of the following picture. The right side shows the interior of the operations vehicle with the two operator positions.

atnavics interior

ATNAVICS provides a rapid air traffic control response for both tactical operations and civil disasters.