Advanced, Global Social Media Analytics

AtmosphereX is a high-performance, global social media data search, processing and analytics platform. Users can analyze real-time and historical social media data from multiple sources. AtmosphereX allows users to research and discover terms, themes, sentiment, accounts and social networks via an intuitive, web-based interface, using advanced text- and map-based data visualizations and natural language processing algorithms.

AtmosphereX provides subsecond acquisition of social media data. Its innovative, intuitive web-based user interface provides features such as the following:

  • Multi-source, historical and real-time search interface and message viewer
  • Zoomable social media activity heat maps with street-level atmospherics
  • Real-time social network discovery and network visualization
  • Global sentiment viewer
  • Advanced text analytics displaying relationships between trending terms
  • User activity-, keyword- and location-driven real-time alerting
  • Multi-format, standards-based data/result export to external tools
  • Social media account discovery

AtmosphereX customers can take advantage of a range of implementation options. These include:

  • On-premise, cloud-based or hybrid environments, including Raytheon-hosted
  • Onsite or remote technical support and training

Select Features

Social Graph
This tool facilitates discovery of social media accounts across data sources, allowing the user to search by partial or full names or by social media user IDs or user names. Account profile pages can be displayed for selected search results showing account profile, statistics, social graph size, most recent communications and geo-referenced user locations for pattern-of-life analysis (e.g., favorite hangouts and times).

The social graph tool also displays relationships between social media users, by virtue of their followers/following or friends. These relationships can be traversed to find similar interests and other connections between users. The resulting social network graph data can be easily exported in an open, text-based format for subsequent review and analysis.

Message Viewer
This tool provides multiple tabs that display 1) publicly available social media messages as search results, 2) a map view (lower left in graphic) for geo-tagged messages and 3) a data export capability that displays the status of export requests and allows the user to download the resulting data files in XML format.

The Message Viewer includes the ability to select the data source, timeframe and search criteria (keyword, user or location). The resulting message list display is chronological and shows user ID and username, source, latitude/longitude (if geo-tagged) and the text of the message, with the ability to perform one-click language translation to English or other languages. Term hit highlighting is shown within the message text.

The map-based view displays messages in 1-hour increments starting with the high-level heat map view shown. Users can zoom into the map view down to the street level, where individual messages will be displayed, color-coded based on sentiment. Right-clicking an individual message icon will display a pop-up with the user, message text, date and any hyperlinks to external data sources that were included in the message.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Modular, expandable, highly scalable architecture
  • Built upon best-of-breed big data open source tools such as Kafka, Storm, Accumulo and Hadoop
  • Designed to handle large volumes of public social media content
  • Extensible architecture allows for handling a broad range of data types
  • Distributed management of API keys for access to public social media data streams
  • Runs on commodity hardware
  • Administrative control of data acquisition for keywords, locations and usernames
  • Highly scalable, managed data acquisition model
  • Current data ingest from numerous sources, with new sources easily added
  • Multi-language and international character set support
  • Built-in machine translation supports over 40 languages
  • Can leverage cloud and in-house translation engines
  • Choice of mapping data sources for geospatial display
  • Real-time, multi-lingual sentiment analysis performed as data is ingested into the system

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