Air Traffic Systems

Air Traffic Systems

From proactive cyber threat hunting to GPS-guided precision landing to enhanced mid- and long-range weather planning, Raytheon continues to pave the way for the data-driven, dynamic future of air travel. Our unique portfolio of automation, surveillance, navigation and landing solutions — backed by extensive expertise in cybersecurity, analytics and advanced software development — is improving safety and efficiency across more than two-thirds of the world's airspace.

Analytics, automation and cybersecurity are essential to the future of aviation. See how we are building a foundation for safer, smarter air travel.

STARS Automation Systems

Automation Systems

Timely, accurate information improves the management of air traffic. Raytheon’s automation systems increase safety and capacity while improving management and optimizing aircraft spacing.

Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS)

Provides safe, efficient aircraft spacing and sequencing guidance for departing and arriving aircraft in airports and U.S. military terminal areas.

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Skyler Surveillance


Real-time air traffic situational awareness enables a safer, more efficient National Airspace System. Raytheon technology creates gap-free surveillance for low altitudes and the ability to detect unmanned aircraft and weather.


Renders a clearer airspace picture in a shorter amount of time, covering low altitude airspace while simultaneously supporting higher altitude air traffic and weather.

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MSSR Condor MK3 Surveillance Radar

Detects aircraft to enable safe separation, even in severe multipath and reflection environments.

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Air Traffic Navigation, Integration, and Coordination System (ATNAVICS)

Provides mobile air traffic control capabilities in support of military applications, including CONUS and OCONUS disaster relief operations. Provides mobile air traffic control capabilities in support of military operations.

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JPALS Navigation and Landing Systems

Navigation and Landing Systems

Reliability, availability and precision are critical to ensuring the safety of flight. Raytheon technology allows aircraft to land with pinpoint accuracy.

Joint Precision and Landing Systems (JPALS)

Guides aircraft to precision landings in all weather, terrain and the most severe sea-states using a secure data link.

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News & Resources

NextGen Weather

Improving Weather Data

A new weather data system will help slash the number of delayed and cancelled flights.

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Supporting Flight Safety

See how Raytheon’s JPALS landing technology is adaptable to all environments.

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Secure Aviation

Securing Cyber in the Sky

Raytheon experts recommend safeguards to help protect the aviation industry.

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Skyler at Dawn

Dawn of the Drone Age

Skyler radar could help bring on flying cars and drone deliveries.

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Precision Without Precedent

Expeditionary JPALS enables military services to land in the most remote and challenging terrain around the globe.

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Real-Time Radar

Learn how Raytheon’s Skyler radar offers multi-mission support by tracking aviation targets, sensing weather phenomena, and surveilling airspace.

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