Applied Signal Technology

Delivering full–spectrum ISR solutions for enhanced security

National security is at the core of Raytheon Applied Signal Technology’s mission. For more than a quarter of a century, this focus has driven our work in developing sophisticated reconnaissance systems and remote sensing technologies that help solve our customers' most difficult national security issues, both at home and abroad.

We provide expertise in the areas of broadband communications, signals intelligence, cyber security, and sensor surveillance, with a common core competency in digital signal processing. SIGINT capabilities include the collection and exploitation of communication signals and the interception of electromagnetic signals, such as radar and weapons systems, for electronic intelligence. Cyber security capabilities include network monitoring, intrusion detection, and countermeasures. Remote sensing capabilities include processing information from sonar, radar, magnetic, electromagnetic, infrared, electro-optical, hyperspectral, and visible light sensors to detect abnormalities of interest and increase situational awareness. We have experience in space, airborne, terrestrial, and undersea environments.


  • Secure Broadband Communication Systems
  • Communications Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Electronic Support Measures/Electronic Intelligence
  • Network Surveillance and Cyber Security
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • High-end Engineering and Intelligence Analysis Services