Enabling Multi-Domain Information Dominance

Raytheon’s ARCHIMEDES™ radar is built on a foundation of more than 40 years of Raytheon and government radar technology investment. ARCHIMEDES shares 90 percent commonality with the Department of Defense’s latest-generation in-production wide area surveillance radar, making it low risk and affordable.

Open Systems Architecture

ARCHIMEDES uses a Modular Open System Architecture approach compliant with the Air Force’s OMS Standard and Common Open Architecture Radar Program Specification. This allows for third party products, applications, and modes to be integrated into the system without the need for originating prime contractor or subcontractor involvement. ARCHIMEDES will enable operators to upgrade software more quickly and more affordably. It also allows the government to own the technical baseline. Raytheon was an Air Force’s OMS Consortium charter member and open systems community leader for more than a decade.

Given its commonality with the DoD’s in-production wide area surveillance radar, ARCHIMEDES is significantly more mature than most development programs at this phase. That maturity provides the opportunity for early delivery and a path to an accelerated initial operating capability. Additionally, Raytheon is engaging independent third parties to deliver a common understanding of the current radar modes and open system architecture, new mode(s) development and associated tools and intellectual property.