Workforce Training For Today and Upskilling For Tomorrow

With over 90 years of worldwide training expertise, RPS offers apprenticeship programs that deliver innovative training and development opportunities to individuals, communities and businesses across the UK. The apprenticeship programs we design and manage make a profound difference in young people’s career paths and lives. They also help businesses achieve their full potential.

We are experts at providing high-quality apprenticeships tailored to a diverse range of industries. This is why our completion rates rank significantly above the UK national average.



RPS has developed learning solutions across many verticals, including:

  • Service Technician Training
  • Parts Advisor Learning Solutions
  • Customer Service Advisor Training
  • Administration and Business Apprenticeships
  • Leadership and Management Training Solutions
  • Bespoke Apprenticeship and Higher Apprenticeship programs — offered in automotive and other technical industries upon request and agreement

RPS Business Apprenticeships are some of the most popular and desirable programs in the country. After successful completion, apprentices have access to many career opportunities and can work in almost any industry.

The transferable skills gained are not specific to any one company or industry, so apprentices have options to progress to a higher-level qualification in team leading, management or even a specific skill such as accounting or marketing.



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