Analysts in every industry – from defense and law enforcement to financial and commercial services – are struggling to leverage the enormous amount of data at their disposal. The exponential growth in the volume of "digital exhaust" produced by both humans and machines makes the task of turning raw information into relevant insight increasingly difficult. Raytheon knows customer data. How you get it, how you use it and why you need it. We're among the first movers at every point across the data value stream, providing deep experience and innovative thinking for data collection, processing and analytics.

At Raytheon, we have the experience to know what data can do, and the innovation to discover what data can be.

Raytheon's Intersect™ family of Multi-INT data analytics capabilities help analysts turn truckloads of data into useful insight, providing our customers with the relevant, proactive answers they need to ensure mission success. Our robust data processing legacy gives us the knowledge to help our customers do more with less. To that end, all Intersect™ solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems, platforms and data, maximizing capabilities while minimizing costs and downtime.

Intersect Sentry




Intersect Sentry™ is a comprehensive activity-based intelligence (ABI) analytics and automation solution. Sentry™ provides real-time, automated decision support capabilities to help analysts identify the most relevant information in massive streams of multi-INT data.

Intersect Reveal




Intersect Reveal™ automates basic full-motion video analysis tasks, including registration, tracking, classification and indexing — and fuses the results with Multi-INT data in near-real time.

Intersect Dimension




Dimension™ leverages passive 2D and other remote sensing imagery sources to automatically create high-accuracy, multi-dimensional models in a fraction of the time — and for a fraction of the expense — of current multi-dimensional modeling

Intersect Connect




Intersect Connect™ is a modular, highly scalable data analytics framework that unifies multi-source data and analytic processing modules while allowing easy ingest of both structured and unstructured data from almost any source.






Clarity uses our seamlessly interconnected Clarity Network to create a virtual fusion center that analyzes enormous amounts of distributed data and discovers patterns across all pertinent structured and unstructured data.