AN/SPY-6 Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR)

The Highly Capable, Truly Scalable Radar

AN/SPY-6(V) is the U.S. Navy's next generation integrated air and missile defense radar. Currently in production, and on track for the DDG-51 Flight III destroyer, SPY-6 provides the Navy with unmatched protection against air, surface, and ballistic missile threats.

The radar is built with individual ‘building blocks’ called Radar Modular Assemblies. Each RMA is a self-contained radar in a 2’x2’x2’ box. These RMAs can stack together to form any size array to fit the mission requirements of any ship. This technology makes SPY-6 the Navy’s first truly scalable radar. 

SPY-6 Advantages:

  • Scalable – can be configured for other ships based on mission requirements
  • Capable – designed to counter large and complex raids
  • Digital beamforming – provides exceptional capability in high-clutter and jamming environments
  • Reprogrammable – able to adapt to new mission or emerging threats
  • Gallium Nitride-based AESA – semiconductor technology enables 360 degree Active Electronically Scanned Array capability

AN/SPY-6(V) Radar Build

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