Avionics and Communications

Air Dominance Avionics and Communications

Secure Airborne Processor

Secure Airborne Processor

The Modular Mission Computer, also called MMC, provides airborne processing power that will allow the F-16 to execute mission requirements well into the 21st century. A cost-effective mid-life update for the F-16, the MMC delivers enhanced computing power to the aircraft's avionics and weapon systems. Learn more

Digital Anti-jam Receiver

Digital Anti-jam Receiver

GPS and Navigation Systems, or GNS, acts as the Center of Excellence to coordinate military GPS user equipment efforts for Raytheon Company. GNS offers the most advanced military GPS user equipment available, including avionics, high anti-jam systems, integrated GPS/INS navigators, and high performance Selective Availability Anti-Spoof Module receivers. Learn more

AN/APX-100 Mark XII/Mode S IFF Transponder

AN/APX-100 (V) IFF Mark XII

The Raytheon AN/APX-100 Mark XII/Mode S IFF Transponder was designed to meet the military Global Air Traffic Management need for a fully integrated solution. The Raytheon APX-100 Mark XII/Mode S transponder is based on the U.S. military standard APX-100 (V), of which more than 15,000 have been fielded on over 50 different military platforms. Learn More

AN/APX-114 IFF Interrogator


The Raytheon AN/APX-114 Identification Friend or Foe, or IFF, Interrogator provides the world's most advanced solution for airborne applications. It represents the most technically advanced, compact and lightweight interrogator available for airborne, long-range and shipboard IFF. Learn more

AN/APX-119 Digital Transponder


With over 40 years of experience in Identification Friend or Foe, or IFF, Mode S, TCAS, FAA / Eurocontrol ATC solutions and IFF / ATC interoperability issues and expertise in Joint Tactical Radio System architecture, Raytheon developed the AN/APX-119 IFF Digital Transponder. Learn more


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