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Air Dominance

Innovative. Integrated. Interoperable. Raytheon’s suite of avionics, sensors and weapons gives pilots the next-generation capabilities they need to control the skies. Our open architectures allow for rapid upgrades and optimal scalability, while our radar, infrared and electronic warfare technologies enable superior detection, range, targeting, tracking and protection. Together, these systems deliver unprecedented combat power — and total air dominance.

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systems giving pilots the advantage

Mastering the skies

Learn how our robust tech gives pilots a toolkit to achieve air dominance.

multi-mode seeker Stormbreaker bomb

Guided, Gliding and Ready to Fly

A multi-mode seeker. A game-changing datalink. Exceptional range. Meet the StormBreaker™ smart weapon.

Joint Precision Approach and Landing System

Precision Without Precedent

Learn how we’re enabling autonomous precision landings with the Joint Precision Approach and Landing System.


electronic warfare solutions

Electronic Warfare

Digital radar warning receivers. Airborne decoys. Countermeasures. Raytheon’s full suite of EW solutions enables warfighters to see more, hear more and know more — and delivers control of the electromagnetic spectrum. View 360° experience

electronically scanned array systems

AESA Combat Radars

Raytheon's active electronically scanned array systems provide incomparable detection, targeting, tracking and self-protection capabilities to support the warfighter.
View AESA interactive

weapons that deliver unparalleled precision

Weapons & Targeting Systems

Raytheon is modernizing today’s 4th and 5th generation aircraft with combat-proven weapons that deliver unparalleled precision in any environment.

proven avionics and communications solutions

Avionics & Communications

Advanced mission computers. IFF interrogators. Transponders. Raytheon delivers a full spectrum of proven avionics and communications solutions that meet mission-critical needs.

cyber resiliency

Cyber Resiliency

From warning systems that alert pilots to threats to hardened platforms that enable rapid software development, Raytheon ensures operations continue in the face of cyber attack.

JPALS guides aircraft

Navigation & Landing

Manned or unmanned, the toughest flying a vehicle can do is landing on a carrier cruising the high seas. JPALS guides aircraft right onto the pitching deck.