Accelerated Improved Interceptor Initiative (AI3)

Counters Rockets, Artillery and Mortars.

Accelerated Improved Interceptor Initiative (AI3) provides a new level of protection to warfighters by detecting and destroying rockets in flight and other threats such as mortars, unmanned aircraft systems and cruise missiles.

AI3 is designed to be a cost-saving solution that leverages existing government equipment and integrates with existing command and control systems already in use by the US Army.

AI3 will enhance protection of warfighters from rockets, artillery, mortars, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Raytheon teamed with the US Army to design and build the new AI3 interceptor missile during a 19-month development and demonstration program, and served as the integrator for the AI3 Battle Element system, which includes:

The Raytheon AI3 interceptor missile (a variant of AIM-9M)

  • KRFS fire control radar
  • Raytheon AI3 interceptor, an AIM-9 variant
  • A modified Avenger launcher
  • Counter Rockets Artillery Mortar (C-RAM) command and control system

Countering Urgent Threats

Rockets, artillery and mortars are a constant and growing threat to warfighters at forward operating bases.  AI3 is designed to protect them by intercepting rockets and other threats in flight – before they cause harm. The Army’s urgent need required an accelerated timeline for the development of AI3:

AI3 development stayed on-time and on-budget, meeting the Army's cost requirements to provide an affordable C-RAM solution for the warfighter.

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