AGM-65 Maverick Missile

Modern Missile. Proven Capability.

The AGM-65 Maverick® is a precision-attack missile for the air, naval and marine forces of 30 countries. Maverick is certified for use on more than 25 aircraft, including helicopters, fighters, attack and patrol aircraft. More than 69,000 missiles have been produced to date, and more than 6,000 have been used in combat, with 93 percent accuracy.

Maverick configurations are based on three seekers — television, infrared and laser — and two warhead sizes. The missile’s guidance software provides attack capability around-the-clock against fixed high-value targets, high-speed moving and maneuvering armored vehicles, ships and fast boats, and targets of opportunity. Targets of opportunity provide all-altitude point-and-shoot flexibility ideally suited for time-critical strike in urban close air support and maritime operations.

The guidance system also allows man-in-the-loop lock-on before launch. Its guidance is accurate to within one meter, which greatly reduces the possibility of collateral damage during urban close air support.

The missile is modular, which allows it to be equipped with different guidance packages and warheads. It can carry two types of warheads: a heavy-weight warhead and a light-weight warhead. The heavy-weight version can penetrate the target before detonating and has delayed fuse setting options. Both of the warheads have contact sensors in the nose of the missile.

Countries that currently use Maverick include the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Israel, Hungary, Canada, Greece, Jordan, Czech Republic, Italy, Oman, Chile, Denmark, Iraq, Morocco, Indonesia, Egypt, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Pakistan, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and Turkey.

New Laser-guided Maverick Missile (AGM-65E2/L)


The new Laser Maverick includes these enhancements:

  • Digital laser seeker
  • New software that reduces the risk of collateral damage and is upgradable based on customer needs
  • Ability to precisely engage land and sea-based high speed moving targets
  • Advanced flight algorithms to boost performance in a variety of operational situations
  • Proven compatibility with existing F/A-18, AV-8B, F-16 & A-10C operational flight program integration
  • Self, buddy and ground-based lasing capability for all platforms

Prudent investment in new technologies has kept Maverick at the leading edge of capability for 40 years, and planned seeker and guidance improvements will extend Maverick’s viability into the future.

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