Shield of the Fleet

Aegis is an integrated missile guidance system used on U.S. Navy and allied ships to protect the battle group. Using an S-band phased-array radar, the Aegis SPY-1 radar acquires and tracks multiple targets, such as planes and missiles, and defends against them. It operates as an integrated single ship system, as well as in a ship-to-ship network.

SPY-1D(V) Transmitter and MK 99 Fire Control System
Raytheon is the designated agent and manufacturer of two Aegis components: the SPY-1D(V) Transmitter and the MK 99 Fire Control System. The SPY-1D(V) is a high-powered transmitter that is combat proven and shock reliable. It supports search, track and missile guidance functions. As the interface between the radar and the missile, the Fire Control System communicates with the missile control station, notifying it of the air threat, and then illuminates the target to be destroyed.

Proven, Global Expertise
Since initial design work began on the Aegis system, Raytheon has been an integral part of the U.S. Navy’s Aegis team. The first SPY-1 Transmitter was delivered in 1981. Since then Raytheon has continually enhanced its technology.

Facts About Raytheon’s AN/SPY-1 and MK99

  • First engineering development contract awarded in 1973.
  • First production contract awarded in 1981.
  • 108 ships equipped (17 international).
  • 140 AN/SPY-1 systems delivered.