Active Protection System

Active protection System

advanced system for protecting troops and combat vehicles

Raytheon's Active Protection System can intercept and shoot down rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles with surgical accuracy and minimal collateral damage. It can be deployed on combat vehicles, ships or fixed sites.

Our approach to this technological breakthrough is like firing a weapon around a corner and hitting a target, while speeding through the air at hundreds of meters per second - literally in the blink of an eye. Raytheon was the first company to develop and validate this concept by intercepting a rocket-propelled grenade at close range.

The Active Protection System provides squad and vehicle protection using an integrated multi-mission fire-control radar and counter-measure system that detects, tracks and destroys multiple incoming threats. It is based on the same radar technology deployed at active Forward Operating Bases to provide timely warning of rocket and mortar attacks.

The system's vertical launch countermeasure is unique in its ability to engage threats fired from any angle or elevation, providing all weather, full 360 degree hemispherical vehicle and crew protection with each countermeasure.

The Active Protection System is a mature, advanced system for protecting troops and combat vehicles.

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