Transportation, Technology and Tolling

Reliable, effective performance that delivers maximum revenue

Raytheon provides highly advanced and reliable transportation, technology and tolling systems. As an industry leader, we bring two decades of expertise delivering turn-key open-road tolling solutions that seamlessly integrate with tolling and traffic management systems.

From new construction to upgrading existing systems, we partner with our worldwide clientele to develop transportation, technology and solutions (T3S) solutions that minimize cost and risk while maximizing revenue, ease of use, and overall performance. We tailor vehicle tracking technology to meet the specific needs of motorists, concessionaires and public agencies. Our strength in design, system engineering, system test, and program management result in high-value, low-risk solutions for the most challenging highway projects.

Raytheon’s T3S solutions include:

  • Implementing new toll roads.
  • Adding a toll capability to an existing road.
  • Upgrading an older toll road system to take advantage of the latest technical advances.
  • Life-cycle sustainment and maintenance.

Industry Leading Experience

Through continuous innovation, developing and implementing new capabilities including the dynamically priced all electronic tolling systems, Raytheon is a market leader in highway tolling technology.

In 1997, Raytheon leveraged expertise in sensors and systems design to develop and deliver the world's first AET system on the 407 Express Toll Route in Toronto, Canada. With more than 369 toll zones operating in systems from Florida to Israel, Raytheon has designed, integrated and supported highly successful toll road operations for customers around the world.

In 2017, Raytheon was selected as International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association Private Sector Innovation Award winner for its installation of all-electronic tolling system installations with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Reliable, effective and consistent performance

Leverage Raytheon's market leading expertise for high-value, low-risk solutions. Our system-engineered sensing vehicle identification and classification capabilities maximize income collections with superior image clarity and automation. Highly reliable ruggedized modular components are configured to support industry standards, and our proven design for integrated roadside and generator units eliminate the need for modular buildings and separate toll zone equipment installation, which decreases environmental impact and simplifies maintenance.