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Electronic Warfare

Electronic Warfare

Strength Across The Spectrum

Turn the lights out on your enemy. Operate unimpeded in the modern threat environment. To do that, you need to control the electromagnetic spectrum.

For more than 50 years, our jammers, decoys and other electronic warfare products have earned a worldwide reputation for performance and reliability.

Today, we're pioneering new technologies, like gallium nitride, and giving our warfighters a strategic advantage by providing them with low risk, modular, open architecture that can be easily adapted and upgraded. These EW mission solutions have the ability to deliver an increasingly complex and effective set of techniques and affordably offset adversary A2/AD capabilities.

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News Releases

Raytheon offers the only interoperable electronic warfare planning and management tool

Next Generation Jammer prototype powers through critical test

Raytheon, partners develop low-cost, high-tech airframe for U.S. Air Force decoy

Raytheon successfully demonstrates complex, integrated electronic warfare capabilities during prototype flight tests

Raytheon establishes new electronic warfare mission area

US Navy confirms its selection of Raytheon for Next Generation Jammer Electronic Warfare Program

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