Electronic Warfare

Strength Across The Spectrum

Turn the lights out on your enemy. Operate unimpeded in the modern threat environment. To do that, you need to control the electromagnetic spectrum.

Electronic warfare uses focused energy, usually radio waves or laser light, to confuse or disable an enemy's electronics. It can also involve listening —collecting an enemy's radio signals or sensing the radar of an incoming missile.

For more than 50 years, our jammers, decoys and other electronic warfare products have earned a worldwide reputation for performance and reliability.

Today, we're pioneering new technologies, like gallium nitride, and giving our warfighters a strategic advantage by providing them with low risk, modular, open architecture that can be easily adapted and upgraded. We are developing tactical lasers, the Next Generation Jammer and other weapons, along with electrical systems capable of powering whatever innovations the future holds.

Learn about our major programs:


Integrated electronic warfare suites provide a unified solution to thwart enemy missiles and radars. They include the:


Enemies can't target what they can't see. Raytheon's airborne jammers provide a cloak of protection, confusing adversaries, creating "ghost" aircraft and foiling sensors with focused radio energy. They include the:


Weapons that never need to be reloaded, Raytheon's High Energy Lasers can defend against enemy missiles, mortars, swarming boat attacks and other "close-in" threats.


Decoys keep enemies guessing with the art of deception. Raytheon's offerings include the:

  • Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (MALD), a small, jet-powered aircraft that can look like a plane or cruise missile to enemy air defense systems.
  • The ALE-50, a decoy that is towed by an aircraft and lures away enemy missiles. More than 25,000 ALE-50s have been delivered.


The High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile, or HARM, detects and destroy radars and radar-directed artillery systems. Eight countries use the missile, and more than 4,000 have been used in combat.


  • Raytheon's AN/ALR-67 (V)3 radar warning receiver warns pilots of hostile radar activity, including radar-guided missiles.
  • The AN/ALR69A(V) detects and displays enemy airborne interceptors, surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft artillery weapon systems. 


Suppressing threats in the air helps save lives.


We deliver the right support for mission success. Raytheon's Performance Based Logistics has established a process for managing the repair, upgrade, delivery and transport of electronic warfare products in the field.

We offer unique processes and tools - proven in a combat environment - that combine to create a robust and agile support environment for a full complement of electronic warfare systems.


National security is at the core of Raytheon Applied Signals Technology’s mission. For more than a quarter of a century, this focus has driven our work in developing trusted strategic and tactical signals intelligence (SIGINT) solutions that protect the interests of the U.S. and its partners.

Electronic Warfare Resources

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