Supporting STEM Learning

We know the importance of encouraging and supporting the next generation of STEM learners and helping to support future generations preparing to enter the UK workforce. That is why each year Raytheon UK invests in a variety of programmes to help cultivate the knowledge and valuable STEM skills that can support and inspire the next generation.

Alongside hosting on our STEM challenges, such as our Quadcopter challenge, we also work in partnership with charities, schools, and universities to broaden students’ knowledge of STEM education and the careers it can lead to. All of this work is supported by our STEM ambassadors who help to introduce students to new ideas and technology.

Engaging tomorrow’s workforce

Raytheon UK focuses on helping to develop the workforce of the future by helping students unlock their potential passion for maths and sciences. We want to support the next generation’s workforce by giving them an insight and understanding of the advanced technology we work on to inspire them to take up a STEM career.

Quadcopter Challenge

Raytheon UK’s flagship STEM programme, Quadcopter Challenge, was designed and piloted in 2015, delivered in conjunction with Essex County Council. Since then it has been rolled out to schools and groups throughout the UK.

The Challenge gives 14-15 year olds the chance to participate in a hands-on, STEM-based engineering challenge to build a fully operational quadcopter. Each team is provided with an identical kit of parts, tools and instructions to build and customise their quadcopter. Raytheon UK STEM Ambassadors provide mentoring, technical support and deliver bite size learning modules to support the build. The teams compete in a regional qualifying event and the winning team from each region goes to the National Final to compete for the grand prize.

Working with schools and universities

University Logos

We have partnered with the universities of Gloucestershire and Lancaster to offer hands-on network experience for the new generation of cyber defenders, and who will be the guardians of the UK’s cyber security in the future. We also support student projects through bursaries, engage in funded research programmes and set up degree apprenticeships in cyber security.

We also support Headstart, which provides students with an opportunity to attend early summer sessions at University, helping to give them a head start over their peers. Alongside tis initiative we are funding bursaries, investing in schools’ programmes and workshops to make sure we invest in skills across the nation.