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Building Better’ Across the U.K.

Building Better’ – is transforming the way we work at Raytheon UK, equipping employees to deliver excellent products, systems and services for our customers. The programme continually invests in skills and training for employees, ensuring they have the right culture, technology, tools and processes to do the best work of their lives.





At Raytheon UK we believe that our people are our best asset. Our transformation campaign focuses on giving our employees the agility and empowerment to lean into the work of building a business that is fit for the future and reflects the developing needs of our customers.

Building Better is organised across three workstreams – all geared towards helping our people deliver excellence for our end customer:

  • My Growth - Embedding a high-performance culture that supports employees’ personal development and growth with us, and provides flexibility and empowerment as they go about their work.
  • Tech Driven - Putting in place leading technology to ensure as a business we are increasingly agile in our work with colleagues and our customers.
  • Working Smarter - Simplifying our processes and employing new tools to help employees focus on getting the job done in the best way possible.


Building Better is embedding a high-performance culture across Raytheon UK, creating an environment where everyone can grow and contribute as part of a successful, inclusive team

We continue to evolve our culture and embrace new ways of working – whether hybrid, at home or on-site – flexibility that we believe will help us foster an increasingly agile and diverse team.

All our employees go through high performance training that gives us a common language in our day-to-day working lives, and our guiding principles help us on our road to ensure that the company’s values are always at the heart of what we do.

Raytheon UK’s dedicated “culture champions” help drive this positive culture change across the business and their teams.


Raytheon UK is improving the tools we use to ‘clear the path’ for employees to excel in their work, day to day. This includes a series of technology upgrades, providing employees with a range of new applications and collaboration tools to help us all be more agile and efficient in our work.


We’re working on simplifying a complex system of processes and tools, to help our employees focus on the task at hand for our customers. This includes introducing new software to help embed our new ways of working.


Building Better is helping Raytheon UK to meet the demands of a changing external environment – including those brought on by the onset of COVID-19.

Building Better enabled Raytheon UK to shift our workforce from 90% of employees working on-site to allowing over 85% of our workforce the ability to work remotely in 2020. It also facilitated the roll out of a companywide employee wellbeing campaign. It also helped us on the road to introducing our new, continuing flexible working practices.


Our Building Better continues to help Raytheon UK introduce a wide range of initiatives, programmes and tools to the business. Its work continues to allow the company to respond to the needs of both our employees and our customers in a continually changing landscape.

Through Building Better, Raytheon UK is equipping our employees with the right culture, knowledge, tools and processes to deliver excellence for our customer.