Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity at Raytheon UK is about inclusivity; this means creating a working environment where everyone feels valued and empowered, regardless of people’s background.

At Raytheon UK, diversity of talent and thought are what drive innovation and creativity.

We have invested in a number of employee resource groups to foster support and celebrate success:

Raytheon Women’s Network
Provides a network to foster, celebrate and advocate for women’s success and exposure.

Raytheon Reservists group
Provides support for reservists and veterans under the Armed Forces covenant which Raytheon UK signed in 2014. The group supports the Armed Forces community and members of the Armed Forces Reservists who work within Raytheon. In 2017 the UK Ministry of Defence recognised Raytheon UK for outstanding support of the armed forces community, awarding the company Gold status as part of its Employer Recognition Scheme.

Young Employee Success Network
Provides support for early-career employees, helping them to perform at their full potential. It is aligned with Raytheon’s purpose of leveraging all opportunities for personal growth, careers development and the retention of top talent.

Raytheon Alliance for Diverse Abilities
Provides a voice for disability issues in the workplace, it is a supportive network for employees with temporary or permanent disability.

We understand our responsibilities as a company and in 2010, we founded a Diversity and Inclusion Council to ensure we are meeting these standards and that diversity is at the heart of our strategic focus.