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The interactive MathsAlive! exhibit will help inspire future engineers

A pupil attempts to resolve a maths puzzle at the MathsAlive! UK exhibit at RAF Museum in London.

Next generation: We're calling on you.

The non-profit advocacy organization Engineering UK estimates a current annual shortfall of between 37,000 and 59,000 engineering graduates and technicians to fill core engineering roles across the national economy.

Raytheon has long invested in STEM education to help fill the talent gap in the engineering field. As part of that effort, the company is bringing its landmark mathematics and science exhibition, MathsAlive!, to the UK. The exhibition is currently running at RAF Museum London until 26 April 2020, before travelling to other locations around the country.
“We want children to learn that maths is fun and that there are many exciting careers in science and engineering,” said Raytheon UK’s Executive STEM Lead Alex Rose-Parfitt. “MathsAlive! has been a great success across the globe and (is now in) in the UK for the first time.”
The exhibit seeks to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists through fun, immersive and interactive exhibits.


A Raytheon STEM Ambassador helps pupils engage with interactive exhibits
A Raytheon STEM Ambassador helps pupils engage with interactive exhibits.


Visitors will experience six themed areas, each housing a range of mechanical and multimedia interactive challenges, where children can compete, design, build or play. The exhibit is geared towards schoolchildren, but people of all ages and maths ability levels can enjoy.

“Students will be able to engage in nearly 40 unique experiences that explore the practical applications of maths in the worlds of design, engineering, technology and science, said Rose-Parfitt. “This could include video games, sports, robotics, fashion or music, and hopefully inspire students to pursue STEM careers.”

MathsAlive! builds on Raytheon UK’s broader commitment to spark student interest in STEM, which includes the Raytheon Quadcopter Challenge, now in its fifth year.

“We have a rich STEM education pipeline, from schools outreach to the Raytheon Global Cyber Academy, because we want to help nurture the next generation of engineers and scientists,” said Raytheon UK’s STEM Lead Sophie Wilson.

Entry to the exhibition is free and no booking required. Find out more about MathsAlive! UK here.

Published On: 11/25/2019
Last Updated: 03/09/2020