Feature Stories

Taking Forward Steps

Forward Steps is the umbrella for Raytheon UK’s charitable and volunteering activities. It is committed to supporting Raytheon Technologies’ ‘Connect Up’ global initiative that encourages volunteering champions to connect with and give back to their local communities. 

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UK lab environment

UK SMEs pitch for stake in high-tech industries of the future with Raytheon Technologies

Global opportunities in space and cyber on offer at unique international supplier event

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Small Firms, Big Capabilities

Building economic prosperity through exports and small- and medium-size enterprises collaboration is high on the UK government’s defence and security agenda. As a landed UK company with a U.S. parent and robust global supply chain, Raytheon UK is an ideal conduit to bring together key Ministry of Defence and Trade experts with UK suppliers, small- and medium-sized enterprises, and academia.

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Sentinel Stories

Engineering and technology enthusiast Paul worked on the Sentinel aircraft programme as its head of Sentinel and Programme Delivery working hand-in-hand with RAF personnel.

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Sentinel stories

Bill worked on the Sentinel aircraft programme for 16 years developing software solutions and establishing a UK training programme for aircrew and pilots.

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