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STEM Counts

With a generation of engineers and scientists headed for retirement, unless enough young people are inspired to pursue STEM studies, Britain could be woefully short of key skills

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One of the panel sessions at AFF 2019

Partnerships for the future

The Atlantic Futures Forum hosts thought-leaders in collaborative defence.

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Nurturing STEM talent

Raytheon UK receives national award for STEM education excellence.

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Quest of the quad

Students show their STEM skills in Raytheon UK's 2019 Quadcopter Challenge .

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Focused conversations

Ahead of DSEi 2019, Raytheon UK CEO Richard Daniel talks about his strategy for building on recent successes.

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Engineer inspects antenna

A system to steer by

This anti-jam technology keeps GPS systems in the clear.

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The quad flyers

Now entering its fifth year, the Quadcopter Challenge gives an incredible opportunity to open young minds to the endless possibilities of a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or STEM.

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Training for a safe cyber future

How Raytheon UK is building a pipeline of cybersecurity engineers.

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Raytheon UK

Next up

Women engineers give advice to the next generation of STEM leaders.

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