Precision Weapons

As one of the world’s leading complex weapons systems suppliers, we are a valued strategic partner not just in the UK market, but globally. Raytheon UK’s strong design capabilities mean we are uniquely positioned to meet the demanding needs of our global customers. And we are committed to developing and exporting such advanced technologies from the UK and to invest new money in Britain.

Our weapons capability encompasses two key business areas; Complex Weapons Systems, based in Harlow in South East England; and Weapons Sub Systems, based in Glenrothes in Scotland.

We are proud to have longstanding relationships with the UK military, providing the Royal Air Force with weapons such as the Paveway bomb, Paveway IV bomb and Phalanx close-in missile defence system.

We also manufacture many weapons subsystems for Raytheon programmes such as the Tomahawk missile, Exacalibur projectile, Javelin weapon system, Paveway bomb and TOW missile.

Our complex weapons business has been able to draw on our close relationship with Raytheon in the United States. Their expertise means we can achieve better value for money on emerging technology, as well as enabling them to integrate weapons systems onto UK platforms, and to enhance existing products to meet future UK requirements. This all serves to provide a boost to UK manufacturing.