Raytheon UK Precision Weapons

Raytheon UK's weapons mission capability encompasses two key business areas: Complex Weapons Systems, based in Harlow in South East England and Weapons Sub Systems, based in Glenrothes, Scotland.

Raytheon is one of the world's leading complex weapons systems suppliers, and Raytheon in the UK continues to be a valued player in the UK market, providing the Royal Air Force with its 'free fall weapon of choice.'

The company has longstanding relationships with the UK military and supplies weapons such as the Paveway bomb, Paveway IV bomb and Phalanx close-in missile defense system. It also manufactures many weapons subsystems for Raytheon programmes such as the Tomahawk missile, Excaliburprojectile, Javelin weapon system, Paveway bomb, TOW missile, RAM guided missile system and AMRAAM missile.

Raytheon UK's strong design capabilities in both systems and sub-systems, combined with the ability to further develop and export advanced technologies from the UK, means that it is uniquely positioned to meet the demanding needs of its global customers.

This model is best illustrated by Paveway IV bomb, the latest-generation guided weapon selected by the UK Ministry of Defence for the Precision Guided Bomb (PGB) programme. The Paveway IV bomb has been deployed with the UK Royal Air Force since 2008 on all UK combat operations, including Operations Herrick and Ellamy. Raytheon UK is the design authority for this weapon, which has all-weather strike capability, is deployable on Tornado GR4, Typhoon and the Joint Strike Fighter, and approved for export. Its combat-proven dual-mode guidance, together with height-of-burst and penetrating capability in one weapon system, enables the decision of target engagement to be made right up to the point of release. 

Raytheon UK's complex weapons business has achieved significant competitive advantage through its close relationship and successful collaboration with Raytheon in the United States. Raytheon UK is able to reach back to U.S. business divisions allowing it to achieve better value and to exploit technologies, integrate weapons systems onto UK platforms and enhance existing products to meet future UK requirements.

As Raytheon technology takes weapons capability into new areas, our esteemed UK industrial base and unique UK operational sovereignty will continue to provide manufacturing, integration as well as in-country and in-service support.