Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing

Raytheon UK’s complex manufacturing experience spans 35 years. We are a world leader in indigenous product design, development test and manufacturing engineering capability, and design and manufacture of electronic and electro-mechanical systems.

Raytheon UK is a global factory for many domestic UK and U.S. missile programmes that contribute significant economic prosperity to the UK through the export of our technology.

Our 600 highly skilled employees at our Glenrothes facility in Scotland provide advanced design and cost-effective manufacturing solutions for defence, aerospace and high reliability markets. In Scotland, this productivity contributes £120 million to the Scottish economy, while supporting 900 jobs in the UK supply chain.

Design and Development

From initial concept, through design and product development to qualification and final production, our design capability includes the development of guidance electronic units, control actuation systems, power systems and hybrid microcircuits. Our team’s expertise enables us to leverage next-generation technologies to design and develop complex products as well as design test solutions.


Our Glenrothes-based design team has more than 25 years’ experience in the design of power conversation, motor drive, hybrid microcircuits and test equipment. The design solutions we provide are based on a real understanding of individual customer needs and tailored accordingly. We are currently engaged in a number of independent research and development funded projects to further extend our control and actuation design capabilities.

System and Sub-System Assembly

Our systems integration capability integrates complex sub-assemblies into complete systems for specialist applications where testing, verification and high reliability are key customer requirements. We hire highly skilled engineers to ensure that our facility provides a comprehensive assembly capability for complex electronic and demanding, high-precision electro-mechanical products.

Plane with Aim-9x Sidewinder missiles on the bottom


We deliver systems that allow our fighter planes to control the airspace and complete direct, standoff and strike missions with absolute precision. Our capabilities deliver unprecedented combat power to NATO and allied airforces, and the world’s most sophisticated 4th and 5th generation aircraft.


AMRAAM is the world’s most widely used, beyond-visual-range weapon employed by over 40 air forces worldwide. The global programme is reliant on Raytheon UK’s manufacturing and in-service support capabilities.

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AIM-9X (Sidewinder)

Combat-proven, this short-range air-to-air weapon is in service with 26 air forces around the world. The multi-mission programme is supported by our manufacturing facility in Scotland.

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StormBreaker® Smart Weapon

The StormBreaker smart weapon is currently in production and provides the military with unrivalled capability to strike mobile and relocatable targets in any weather conditions. It is currently being integrated onto several platforms and is available for UK and international sales.

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Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW)

JSOW comprises a family of low-cost, air-to-ground missiles that use a GPS-inertial navigation system and thermal imaging infrared seeker. It is the first air-launched, network enabled weapon to be used on fourth-and fifth-generation fighter aircraft.

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Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (MALD)

The Miniature Air-Launched Decoy, or MALD, is a low-cost, expendable, air-launched craft that deceives the most advanced enemy integrated air defence systems while keeping pilots and aircraft out of harm’s way. The programmable weapon duplicates the combat flight profiles and signatures of U.S. and allied aircraft.

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High Energy Laser Weapon System on top of a military vehicle


We deliver integrated, precise and proven solutions to protect our armed forces. From shoulder-fired weapons to ground-based air defence, our systems deliver maximum assurance when responding to the conflicts of today and tomorrow.


A 40mm calibre laser guided precision weapon weighing under 1kg. It is the world’s only hand-launched precision guided munition. It brings affordable, low collateral precision into the hands of the infantry. The programme is supported by the UK.

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Javelin – Anti-tank Guided Munition Mounted, Grenade Launcher is both a one-man-portable and platform-employed anti-tank and multi-target precision weapon system, which is continually updated to stay ahead of advancing threats. The MOD selected Javelin for the UK Boxer mechanised infantry vehicle programme.

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TOW® Weapons System

With its extended range performance, the TOW missile is the long-range precision, heavy anti-tank and assault weapon system of choice for the U.S. Army. Upgrade programmes will extend the missile’s life cycle beyond 2050.

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Jointly manufactured in the UK and U.S., Excalibur provides extended range precision to the armed forces providing them with a force multiplier over conventional or near-precision systems. It is currently in service with several allied forces around the world and is being constantly upgraded to provide ever increasing capability.

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High Energy Laser Weapon System (HELWS)

Raytheon UK and Raytheon Technologies are at the forefront of development of the next generation of high energy laser systems for use by navies, armies and air forces around the world.

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RUK Phalanx


From sensors to command and control systems to precision weapons, we are constantly innovating to deliver the technology that protects UK and allied ships and sailors around the world.


Close-in weapons system for defence against airborne threats such as anti-ship missiles and helicopters. Support and technology is provided within the UK.

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Rolling Airframe Missile

A supersonic, lightweight, quick-reaction, fire-and-forget weapon, the RAM™ guided missile weapon system is the world’s most modern ship self-defence weapon and is designed to provide exceptional protection for ships of all sizes.

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Tomahawk is the premier long-range strike weapon for land and naval use and is in service with UK and U.S. The system is constantly evolving to ensure greater survivability, penetration and flexibility. Both U.S. and UK programmes are supported by the global factory and reliant on Raytheon UK’s manufacturing facility in Glenrothes.

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Mine Countermeasure capability AQS-20 Sonar

The AN/AQS-20 is one of the most advanced towed mine-hunting sonars in the world, capable of detecting ground floating mines in a single pass. It incorporates four separate sonars in a compact, lightweight and hydro-dynamically stable towed body.

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Coyote Block 2

Coyote Block 2 is a low-cost missile that is highly effective against UAS, sUAS and even helicopter-sized targets. Mobile and self-contained, it can concurrently engage multiple inbound threats using Raytheon Technologies-designed radars to track, identify and if required, engage threats.

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Coyote Block 3

Coyote Block 3 is an expendable system capable of carrying a variety of payloads ranging from ISR to kinetic. Tube-launched from across the land and sea domains, its battery-powered engine provides critical ISR information to commanders and it can engage threats, if required.

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Naval Strike Missile

Fifth generation over-the-horizon stealthy missile that can be deployed against a variety of targets at sea and on land.

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Hypersonic weapons

Future requirements

We are constantly developing new, advanced solutions and next generation technology to protect our armed forces now and in the future.

High Energy Laser Weapon System

Raytheon UK and Raytheon Technologies are at the forefront of development of the next generation of high energy laser systems for use by allied navies, armies and air forces around the world. This exportable technology is at a high-technology readiness level and is currently undergoing advanced demonstration.

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Hypersonic systems have the potential to dramatically disrupt current thinking in strike weapons. Raytheon Technologies is at the forefront of international development of true hypersonic (Mach 5-10) offensive strike systems as well as state-of-the-art defensive capabilities.

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SM-6 is the only in-service weapons system capable of defeating the latest hypersonic, ballistic and cruise missile threats.

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SPY-6 – Forward Based Radar

Proven and in-service modular family of S-Band radars that perform air and missile defence on seven classes of ships. The SPY-6 family is integrated, meaning they can defend against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, hostile aircraft and surface ships simultaneously.

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