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Cyber Intelligence and Security

Cyber, Intelligence & Security for the UK

The United Kingdom has a growing requirement for intelligence, cyber and cybersecurity capability in the defence, government and commercial sectors. With more than 30 years of experience in cyber, Raytheon UK offers unmatched end-to-end cyber capabilities that protect its customers' mission-critical information and infrastructure from the most complex threats and vulnerabilities.

Our intelligence and security capability encompasses the following three business areas: defence intelligence services, information exploitation and cybersecurity.

Defence Intelligence Services (DIS)

Raytheon UK's DIS business is currently focused on the first phase of the Allied Systems for Geospatial-intelligence (ASG) programme, which is due for delivery in 2016. This important programme provides strategic defence intelligence for the UK Ministry of Defence and allies.

Information Exploitation

The Defence Target Toolset (DTT) is the solution of choice for the Ministry of Defence. It provides UK commanders with a software application to create target plans more quickly and efficiently, enabling faster decisionmaking in the field. Building on that capability, information exploitation is also taking a series of technologies to market, including the use of analytics tools that can quickly search large databases -- typically from open sources -- for information which is called upon by a series of potential clients, both military and commercial.

Raven is an intuitive search, geospatial visualisation and information discovery platform designed to deliver information exploitation and situational awareness within the image intelligence and multi-intelligence arenas.


Raytheon has led the industry in recognising that the best way to combat threats in the rapidly changing cyber domain is to help customers (government and commercial industry) more effectively invest in cyber defence by switching from prevention to resilience. Raytheon UK is currently providing the UK Government with highly advanced cyber services and Advanced Cyber Solutions out of its recently established Cyber Innovation Centre, which houses some of the country's best cyber talent.