Raytheon in the UK

We are proud to have developed a skilled British manufacturing workforce, who have become leaders in technological innovation. In the UK, our workforce is committed to four primary sectors – Airborne ISR, Global Sensors, Precision Weapons and Cyber and Intel.

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Airborne ISR

Our Airborne ISR site in Broughton is a world leading centre in technological innovation and development; our highly skilled workforce mean that the site has emerged as the Airborne Solutions’ Centre of Excellence for technology research and development.

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With two cyber centres in the UK - in Salford Quays and Gloucestershire – we are continuing to expand our Cyber Academy programme in the UK. Raytheon UK’s cyber programmes are providing front line defence for the Government and businesses across the country.

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Global Sensors

We are the only British manufacturer of civil radars, ensuring safer skies from take-off to touch down on both commercial and military flights. At our sites in Scotland and England we continue to innovate to ensure advanced protection and precise performance.

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Precision Weapons

Our weapons capability encompasses two key business areas; Complex Weapons Systems, based in Harlow in South East England; and Weapons Sub Systems, based in Glenrothes in Scotland.

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Visit our Global Capabilities page for a complete list of Raytheon products.