Integrated Power Solutions

Integrated Power Solutions

Power Electronics, Control and Storage

Integrated power solutions from Raytheon meet the modern challenges of high reliability, high power density, size, weight and thermal control. From semiconductor die fabrication to power modules and systems, Raytheon's solutions deliver performance in the air, on land and at sea.

Our products include:

  • Power converters
  • Power modules, switches and nodes
  • High temperature devices
  • Storage systems
  • Battery monitoring systems
  • Portable power generation units
  • Power control systems
  • Alternative energy solutions

Semiconductor technology

Raytheon specialises in the manufacture of silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors used in some of today's most advanced and energy-efficient power conversion systems. Our experience in mixed-signal integrated circuit design and fabrication underpins the development of qualified SiC processes for the production of discrete power semiconductors and integrated circuits.

Silicon carbide foundry

Our engineering capabilities and use of advanced materials like SiC yield huge advantages in size, weight, power density and value in the end application. These combined benefits are what constitute what we term our "SWaP-V" proposition.

Unlike other manufacturers supplying power products for the aerospace, defence and other harsh applications, Raytheon UK is unique in that it operates its own silicon carbide foundry. This in-house capability allows us to custom-design components for optimal power and thermal management.

Aviation power solutions

The aerospace industry is striving to improve fuel consumption by using electrical actuators to replace hydraulic and pneumatic systems, a concept known as the More Electric Aircraft (MEA).

Raytheon's aviation power solutions rise to the challenges of the MEA by increasing power density and reducing size, weight and cost. Our proven electrical power systems include primary and secondary power conversion, solid-state switching, power distribution and system management.

Land and military power solutions

Raytheon offers a wide range of resilient and pre-qualified smart power subsystems as well as components for land, naval, air and space applications. The UK's Ajax Scout Vehicle, the F/A-18 jet, the Sentinel aircraft and the International Space Station are among the platforms carrying our products.

Our products include:

Power converters — including DC-DC converters (up to 10kW) and single and multiphase AC-DC converters (up to 30kW).

Power switch nodes — provide platforms with an easy-to-use power management, including fully protected solid-state switching under the control of the platform's serial data bus.

Battery monitoring systems — designed for observing the health and extending the lives of military-type vehicle batteries, these systems are suitable for any platform that must keep batteries in good condition despite long periods of storage.

Portable power generator unit — designed for use in military and commercial environments. Can be worn in the field by a soldier or an emergency responder, or fitted to vehicles to provide for silent watch or to meet additional power draw requirements. Raytheon has already built a 2kW technical demonstrator capable of providing 12 hours of power at full load depending on the operating environment.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Here today, gone tomorrow. Energy is presently in abundance, but as the world population continues to grow, so does the demand for and cost of fossil fuels, a major source of energy. Concerned with conserving energy and efficiently meeting their power needs, companies and military operations across the globe are seeking out alternative energy solutions.

Raytheon has a wide range of experience and expertise in the storage, control and management of power. Assuring reliable energy sources, adjusting to unpredictable fuel pricing and responding to mission requirements are important variables in designing power systems.

Our innovative approaches include integrating alternative energy sources such as solar, fuel cells and advanced batteries into power management solutions.

Research and Design

We're investigating power cells and storage technologies that range from milliwatts to megawatts.

Cybersecurity protection for power plants, electrical grids and other critical infrastructure is another key focus area. This is more important than ever as technologies transfer to cloud-based platforms while more and more devices connect to the Internet of Things. A cyber-attack can be as detrimental as a large-scale power outage.

Raytheon understands what it means to efficiently store, control and manage energy in domains spanning air, land, sea, space and cyberspace.

Energy storage

RK10: The RK-10 is a turnkey, 5 kilowatt (kW) energy storage system fuelled by solar and wind energy. It enhances smart power grids, provides power to remote sites and helps resolve power shortages after natural disasters

RK30: The RK-30 is a flexible, 30 kW energy storage system powered by diverse generation sources. This advanced solution improves overall energy reliability, reduces lifecycle and generator fuel costs, and supports integration of renewable technologies.

Power control

Intelligent Power and Energy Management (IPEM) Microgrid Controller: The IPEM Controller is a Raytheon-developed device used to manage the flow of energy and keep electricity supplied to critical assets during power outages. The controller directs the flow of energy from renewable resources, adjusts power levels to match the demand and maximizes the time the system can run using renewable and stored energy.

Power management

Railgun Power: Raytheon has designed a "pulse-forming network" for the U.S. Navy's railgun program. These long-range weapons are powered by electricity rather than gunpowder or conventional propellants. The energy captured from electromagnetic pulses is used to accelerate projectiles at supersonic speeds.

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