Integrated Power Solutions

Integrated Power Solutions


Integrated power solutions from Raytheon meet the modern challenges of high-reliability, high-power density, size, weight and performance across military operating environments.

Raytheon offers a wide range of safe, resilient power subsystems and  components for land, naval, air applications. The UK's AJAX Armoured Fighting Vehicle and Sentinel ISR aircraft, the U.S. LAV-AT and Humvee fighting vehicles, the U.S. F/A-18 aircraft, MK54 torpedo, Next generation Naval Radars  and the International Space Station are amongst the platforms using Raytheon UK power products.

Our products include:

  • DC/DC Power Converters
  • AC/DC Power Converters
  • Bi-Directional AC/DC Power Converters
  • Solid State Power Switches Nodes with MilCAN and CAN Serial Interfaces
  • Isolated  Power Switches Nodes with MilCAN and CAN Serial Interfaces
  • Military Vehicle Power Distribution Units
  • Military Vehicle Battery Chargers
  • Military Vehicle Battery  Monitoring Systems

Power Converters – including DC-DC converters (up to 10kW) and single and multiphase AC-DC converters (up to 30kW). Raytheon’s multi-phase power converter employ active power factor correction for improved harmonic performance.
Solid State Power Switch Nodes – provide platforms with an easy-to-use power management, including fully protected solid-state switching under the control of the platform's serial data bus.
Isolated Power Switch Nodes – providing land platforms with mitigation against radio battery parasitics
Power Distribution Units – providing land platforms with a high current interface for alternator, platform batteries and NATO Slave Socket
Battery Monitoring Systems – designed for monitoring  the battery state of charge and state of health and extending the lives of military vehicle batteries.


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