Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG) Programme

Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG) Programme


Raytheon UK is enhanced Geospatial Intelligence for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) by delivering the first phase of the Allied System for Geospatial Intelligence (ASG) Programme.

ASG will enable the UK Joint Forces Intelligence Group to transform its operational business by delivering a modernised geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) enterprise for the MOD that is necessary in today’s changing intelligence environment.

Raytheon will provide the MOD with an advanced and flexible IT infrastructure for GEOINT analysts. That infrastructure will be capable of rapid exploitation and allows collaboration with multiple partners across varying missions. The platform will include new tools that enable enterprise data management and discovery and enhanced connectivity to external fixed and deployed sites.

The project will allow allies to work together more efficiently through the information gathering and sharing process, while also reducing costs across the board.