Modernising Royal Navy Learning Solutions

Supporting the Royal Navy’s technology, training and learning solutions.

Raytheon In The UK
'Be the Difference'

Raytheon UK women are transforming the image of engineering.


Transforming Training

Future-proofing our training ensures our armed forces are equipped to keep us safe and secure.



Sentinel stories
Mary worked on the Sentinel aircraft for 17 years: first as an RAF sergeant and then as a Raytheon UK employee.

Forward Steps donations
Through its corporate social responsibility programme, Forward Steps, Raytheon UK has donated £25,000 to five local charities across the England, Wales and Scotland to help support some of the most vulnerable in its local areas.

Keeping time and operational tempo
Resilience in defence operations is essential to military success. Landshield – Raytheon UK’s compact, smart, reliable next-generation Global Navigation Satellite Systems anti-jamming technology – nulls jammers that threaten military tempo.

Innovation Without Boundaries
From semiconductor fabrication and complex mechanical assembly to space and power systems, digitalisation has been fundamental to the growth of Raytheon UK’s presence in Scotland since it started operations 60 years ago. Last month, it opened its doors at its Livingston facility – the second in Scotland, furthering its enduring ties in the nation.