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Interns seek business experience and discover shared values

UAE intern story

 A group of Zayed University students completed a six-week Raytheon Emirates internship in the Abu Dhabi-based company's communications, human resources and business development divisions.

College students know internships are key to landing a choice job out of school. In the United Arab Emirates, real business experience is a vital component of any undergraduate degree.

Four Zayed University students in Dubai found that experience during their six-week Raytheon Emirates internships.

“What attracted me and the other interns the most was Raytheon’s values,” said Muneera AlMansoori, an undergraduate from the university’s College of Communications and Media, who chose Raytheon because the company’s recruiting video highlighted values such as trust, respect, collaboration, innovation and accountability. “Finding out these values are the same values I grew up learning and practicing as an Emirati female really stood out to me.”

The women were part of Raytheon's second internship rotation in the UAE. The Abu Dhabi-based company has hosted six Emirati students and plans to offer its next internship in the spring.

The interns learned a global corporation like Raytheon can maintain core values while still respecting their nation’s culture and embracing employee differences.

“Every employee at Raytheon comes from a different background,” said Human Resources intern Fatima Alameeri, who was drawn to the program out of a desire to help make the world a safer place. “Everyone is very well-rounded and can use their own individual experiences to add to the team and to Raytheon’s main mission.”

Business Development intern Rihab AlMenhali lauded her co-workers’ honesty, collaborative nature and “how they work together in harmony,” always offering to lend a hand.

As their internship drew to a close, the students came away with more than a couple of paragraphs on a job application – knowledge that it’s possible for their long-held values to have a place inside a global company.

“This is a rare case that we are proud to have experienced,” AlMansoori said.

Published On: 12/04/2019
Last Updated: 02/12/2020