Endless ambition

Raytheon Emirates’ Fatma Bazargan leads its cyber business development

Raytheon Emirates is on a mission: Recruit, train and retain Emirati talent. The long-term goal is to have as many as 45 percent of top management, engineering and functional personnel to be UAE nationals.

That means training and equipping Emirati talent across the company and building a diverse multi-national workforce to include Emirati talent in top leadership and technical roles.

One example is Emirati Fatma Bazargan, Raytheon Emirates Cyber Business Development director.

Originally from the United Arab Emirates, Fatma was raised to be strong, confident and self-sufficient. A passionate cyclist, she is an accomplished cyber security professional that thrives on challenges.

Bazargan was educated in the UAE, UK and US, and received a bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and double masters degrees - one in cybersecurity, the other in business administration.

“After completing my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a network administrator for a regional satellite telecommunications provider and had a compelling feeling to protect the company’s firewall,” she said. “This was a turning point in my life. I focused my higher education on the cyber realm and have been deeply involved in the sector ever since.”

Fatma is the first UAE national to receive a Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO Executive Education Certificate from Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S., and she was awarded Middle East Security Awards as ISC2 Woman Security Leader.

She worked her way up in the cyber world, moving from operations to InfoSec. She now enjoys the commercial business development aspect of the business. Today, Fatma is applying her energy and deep experience toward leading Raytheon Emirates’ critical cyber business development.

“Being mandated to lead Raytheon Emirates’ cyber business represents a true milestone in my life,” she said. “I believe my experience across multiple cyber areas can add value to the private sector and to the country.”

Fatma is focused on growing Raytheon Emirates’ UAE cyber business by bringing the full suite of the company’s cyber capabilities to organizations of all sizes, helping them to protect their critical cyber assets.

“Raytheon’s strength across the cyber domain and the wealth of knowledge and expertise my colleagues have is truly fascinating,” Fatma said. “Every day, my skills and capabilities are being enhanced, and I am widening my knowledge from some of the best people the industry has to offer.”

Fatma believes she can help “organizations in the UAE identify their cyber security needs, address their concerns, protect their cyber assets and most importantly, bring cyber security maturity to the country.”

With more than 130 employees today, Raytheon Emirates expects to more than double its total multi-national workforce in three to five years.

“Raytheon Emirates is continuously expanding my knowledge and expertise in the field,” Fatma said, “which I believe, one day, I’ll be able to pass on to the next generation of Emirati cyber leaders at Raytheon.”

Published On: 01/21/2019
Last Updated: 02/13/2019