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Mentoring and real-life learning in a remote world

Six undergraduate students from Abu Dhabi University, Zayed University and the American University of Sharjah completed a hybrid in-person and virtual internship in October.

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Past and present unite in a new modern radar

The Early Warning Radar has come a long way since the Cold War.

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Two views but one of a kind

The ELCAN Specter DR sight allows a shooter to switch instantly from one magnification to another without having to fine-tune or adjust focus or correct head position. The dual-role sight is also available with 1.5-6x magnification and more than 50 custom ballistic reticles to meet changing, unpredictable mission requirements, including custom reticles for mounted and dismounted machine guns.

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Every soldier a sharpshooter

Raytheon ELCAN is developing a digital fire control rifle sight to help soldiers hit their mark consistently at distances greater than 1,000 meters – even when firing from behind cover or traversing hills.

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A photo of the Upgraded Early Warning Radar.

The most watchful eye

Next-gen EWR is a key sensor for the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s Ballistic Missile Defense System.

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UAE intern story

Where two worlds meet

College students know internships are key to landing a choice job out of school. In the United Arab Emirates, real business experience is a vital component of any undergraduate degree.

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ردم الفجوة بين أجيال الطائرات المقاتلة

Bridging the generation gap

Raytheon is arming the F-35 with advanced tech and modernizing 4th-gen fighter aircraft.

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UAE women in tech feature

Bringing women into technology

Raytheon Emirates and the Emirates Digital Association for Women co-hosted a panel discussion that showcased the personal journeys of women working in science, technology, engineering and math; the subjects collectively known as STEM.

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