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Celebrating the United Arab Emirates’ Golden Jubilee together

Raytheon Emirates Limited supports the UAE as it charts its next 50 years.

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American Community School of Abu Dhabi Receives Dh1 Million Gift from Raytheon Emirates

The American Community School of Abu Dhabi received a generous private-sector donation of Dh1 million from Raytheon Emirates Limited to support educational initiatives.

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Banding together to beat ballistic missiles

How two proven, fielded radars — UEWR covering a vast area and AN/TPY-2 delivering precise discrimination — can band together to detect, track and intercept ballistic missiles.

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Raytheon Emirates internships help Emirati students jumpstart careers

Find out how Raytheon Emirates’ internship program boosts career prospects for Emirati college students interested in aerospace, defense and cybersecurity.

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high-energy laser weapon system

Beam on

There is no single perfect solution for countering drones. But there are proven, advanced technologies to address the threat.

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Employees working with a laser

How a laser defeats hostile drones

Raytheon Intelligence & Space have developed a High-Energy Laser Weapons System that can defeat hostile, small drones that could be rigged with explosives or conduct surveillance, collecting intelligence on friendly forces. But how does it work?

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Artist illustration of a drone being defeated by HELWS lead

Keeping UAVs away from the game

Raytheon Intelligence & Space's high-energy laser weapon system, or HELWS, uses electro-optical sensors that give operators a clear image of the target and track it. Once system operators identify the drone as a threat, with a simple push of a button, they can accurately aim the laser beam at their mark, bringing the drone down within seconds.

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Mentoring and real-life learning in a remote world

Six undergraduate students from Abu Dhabi University, Zayed University and the American University of Sharjah completed a hybrid in-person and virtual internship in October.

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