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"Raytheon Intelligence & Space is not only delivering breakthrough solutions built for this hyper-connected world, but the company's dedication and interaction with the community at large to inspire a new generation is also a critical industry breakthrough." - Industry Analyst. Click to get started. RPS, Cybersecuity



Our Digital Skills curriculum stems from unmatched expertise — the kind that can only come from one of the largest training and technology organizations in the world. Raytheon Professional Services delivers proven training programs and best practices across the entire cyber operations spectrum and integrates cyber operations training into hybrid mission planning to optimize operational effects. We partner with an extensive network of industry and university experts to translate deep technical knowledge about the latest threats, exploitation techniques, malware and advanced defensive strategies into relevant, up-to-date training. RPS uses Cyber Operations Training programs within our own global workforce to manage computer network operations and defenses, as well as to enhance the skills and situational awareness of our employees across multiple disciplines within the company.

RPS is committed to building partnerships that center around continuous learning. We remain engaged with students — even after completing formal training — to ensure they are continually updated on new threats, vulnerabilities and best practices. We offer access to our most innovative and secure virtual platform to provide simple to complex simultaneous learning and a mechanism for continuous professional development.

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Cyber Academy - Individuals:

Our programs are designed to develop a new generation of cybersecurity specialist. Our cybersecurity experts and learning experts developed a curriculum that applicable to participants with a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Developed in partnership with government agencies, are program is designed to close the widening digital skills gap around the world.

Cyber Academy - Businesses:

Our programs are designed to help businesses close the digital skills gap by identifying, acquiring qualified and certified digital talent, not only for cyber roles. These ready-to-work individuals earn industry recognized certifications including CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+.

Cyber Apprentice:

A reskilling and upskilling program designed to create a new generation of cybersecurity workers. Developed in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, as part of the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund, graduates of this U.K.-based program will go on to work as a cybersecurity specialist or apprentice.

Industry Awards
The Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards recognize the world’s best information security companies, products and people. We were recognized for our “Cybersecurity Leadership.”

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Cyber Academy
Our unique reskilling and upskilling program is designed to help your business identify a range of digital talent. Graduates have the necessary skills and knowledge to defend your business against today’s cyber threats.

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Cyber Talent Shortage?
Hackers know the biggest cyber threat is an untrained workforce. Learn how our Cyber Academy is developing certified digital and cyber talent across the U.K.

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At the heart of our business is our emphasis on putting our customers first and strong culture of collaboration to deliver outcomes that matter and build relationships that last.

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