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Our commitment to operating responsibly inspires us to devise innovative ways to help protect the environment and conserve natural resources across our facilities, products and processes. Four of the most prominent aspects of our sustainability efforts include conserving natural resources, reducing emissions and waste, tracking progress toward our 15 sustainability goals, and leading and collaborating with academia, suppliers, customers and industry organizations. Our corporate environmental, health, safety and sustainability office provides effective governance of our efficiency efforts and facilitates knowledge sharing and metrics collection across the company.

Where Zero is a Perfect Score

From our product designs to our operations and processes, we aim to integrate principles of sustainability and empower our employees and supplier partners to do the same.

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Information Technology Serves Up Sustainability

Sustainability is bigger than just information technology. But IT can help lead the way.

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Solutions with Substance

Raytheon strives to reduce or eliminate the use of materials of concern.

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Infographic: Raytheon's sustainability goals

Learn how we're creating a culture of sustainability.

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Corporate Responsibility Report

Corporate Responsibility Report

Our report looks at our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance and reduce our footprint on the planet.


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