Training Evaluation and Measurement

Training Evaluation and Measurement

Monitor Learner Performance, Time to Competency and Learner Experience

Measuring the success of a training programme is more than just a question of testing the competency of learners as they finish individual courses. Organisations must evaluate their programme’s effectiveness at every level, from the performance of individual instructors to the overall business impact.

Working closely with client stakeholders and our in-house evaluation team, we establish metrics at four different levels to judge the programme’s operational success, learner engagement and competency. We also measure the impact training has had on learners’ day-to-day work lives and assess performance metrics to determine the programme’s overall success in meeting strategic business objectives.



RPS evaluates the success of the learning solutions we provide by regularly monitoring course uptake, including learner hours and blend. This helps us ensure that we are meeting our tactical course commitments, measured against established solution metrics. The emphasis is on monitoring both learner performance — how successful they are in gaining competency — and learner satisfaction — how they rated the learning experience. This process enables course leaders to isolate and address any areas of concern.

RPS also monitors business performance against business-critical key performance indicators. We take high-level business metrics from our customers and use advanced analytics to identify relationships with the training programme. This in-depth analysis is central to our ability to deliver and refine training programmes that are tied to our customers' business objectives.

RPS measures overall learning impact using Kirkpatrick's Levels 1–4. Whether you’re using paper-based Level 1 learner satisfaction surveys, sophisticated online knowledge assessment systems, workplace competency measurement or business results analysis, RPS ensures customers can track and drive success at every level of engagement.

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