Automotive Training

Automotive Training

RPS' Award-Winning Automotive Training Solutions

RPS provides targeted automotive training solutions that fuel the business success of your retail network. Across thousands of locations all over the globe, our solutions have helped dealerships increase short-term sales, long-term customer retention and profitability.

We work with you to analyse, implement and track learning solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business needs. From product launches and parts and service training to sales and aftersales training, we leverage the most advanced learning technologies to engage employees and inspire customers to be passionate about your brand.

We have delivered millions of hours of training — including product launch training for over 600 vehicles — for some of the world’s most successful organisations. RPS works closely with you to identify the right blend of cost-effective training modules, delivering everything from live training sessions to distance learning programmes so you can get the greatest possible results from your investment.

Our products and services include:

  • Training design, classroom material development and e-learning, mobile, virtual classroom or video on demand
  • Training delivery (including workshops and drive activities)
  • Learning management systems
  • Training support and administration
  • Training evaluation and post-training quality control
  • Worldwide Train the Trainer (TTT) capabilities to teach and prepare your local trainers fully so that they can deliver best-in-class training in their home markets
  • Event logistics (hotel and training venue, catering, travel and transfers)
  • Event delivery (workshops and drive activities) and post-event quality control

Using creative solutions to solve unique customer challenges

With Live VCT, RPS has brought Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) to the cutting edge by providing interactive training, streamed live and directly to delegates. Live VCT successfully combines the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training.

During Live VCT training, learners have direct access to communicate with the trainer and other learners in terms of questions, comments and observations via a message board functionality that is responded to instantly. The trainer can adapt the training depending on the comments - for example, show a specific part of a car if requested by a participant.

For the launch of their new Q50 model, Infiniti wanted to use Live VCT to train their sales teams across Europe on all aspects of the new car. Over a 2 week period a total of:

  • 27 Live VCT sessions / over 33 hours of training was delivered
  • To 250 delegates
  • In 6 different languages (EN, FR, DE, NL, IT, PL)

Live VCT's ability to cascade content and data which is supplemented by multiple levels of interaction - verbal, written and video - is important to ensuring Infiniti can deliver effective training to a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training, in a shorter timeframe and at a fraction of the cost.

Automotive Sales Training


It is imperative for today's retail organisations to maintain quality and consistency in sales programmes despite a high turnover rate of salespeople.

Our automotive sales experts prepare your sales representatives for a successful sales transaction by developing sales skills, product knowledge and brand loyalty. We know that a successful sales team requires more than learning selling skills. They must also demonstrate a passion for the brand, reinforcing marketing messages and exhibiting comprehensive product knowledge.

Using a blend of highly targeted and compelling content, training delivery and technology, we provide creative sales training programmes to ensure your consultants become top-producing sales professionals.



Automotive Technician Training


In the automotive retail market, technician proficiency has a significant impact on customer satisfaction and retention. The utilisation of technicians — i.e., the amount of time they spend in the service bay each day diagnosing and repairing vehicles — influences the profitability of dealerships. This is why "fixed first time should not be an aspiration but an everyday occurrence.

Our training enhances the productivity of your retail technicians with the best blend of engaging content development, training delivery, technology and technical training programmes. Today's quickly evolving automotive market — with increasingly complex technologies and regulations — requires ongoing upgrades of technicians' knowledge and skills.



Automotive Aftersales Training


Rapidly declining profit margins in the new car sales business, coupled with the continuous extension of car life, are making the aftersales business increasingly important.

It is our mission to maximise the profitability of our customers' aftersales organisations with tailored customer care, sales and aftersales training programmes for all staff members — workshop managers, parts employees and receptionists. Our programmes align with each client’s unique corporate identity and aftersales processes.

Automotive Product Launch Training

At RPS, we recognise the critical role of staff training in the successful launch of a new vehicle. We will work with you to develop end-to-end, business-focused training programmes that will ensure sales teams and technicians are fully prepared to support your sales and customer-support objectives from the moment of launch.

A controlled, consistent and centralised product launch approach has become increasingly critical to market success and will, to a high degree, determine sales figures. This is why it is crucial to qualify and motivate your retail personnel quickly, consistently and cost-efficiently across all markets. In addition, a centralised approach has been proven to reduce costs by up to 30 percent.

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