Secure Mobile Learning

Secure Mobile Learning

The Raytheon Secure Mobile Learning platform protects your proprietary learning content when it is deployed to mobile devices. This ensures your content reaches only your intended audience. Tried and tested by Raytheon's Cyber Security Center, this platform secures your learning content on mobile devices through real-time decryption and re-encryption, in an affordable solution.

With Raytheon Secure Mobile Learning, you will be able to deploy more of your learning content with greater confidence, ease and flexibility. You will also increase your ability to effectively deliver key learning through microlearning, electronic performance support systems, gamification and adaptive learning. Raytheon has decades of experience supporting customers in high-consequence environments where security and compliance are critical to success. Our global customers operate in a wide range of industries — including aerospace, defense, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, technology and cyber — where the deployment of learning content to the workforce must be secure.

Secure Development:

We protect our clients' proprietary content throughout the development process to ensure there is no improper access by any unauthorized entity. Your proprietary content remains stored in a secure environment, encrypted on the server, with dual-authentication that significantly reduces the chance of unauthorized access.

Secure Transmission:

We know that there are ways to intercept content while transmitting to a mobile device, even in the early stages of development such as during content review. With Raytheon’s Secure Mobile Learning platform, you can safely review the progress being made on your content and access it with confidence because it is encrypted in transit and on the device. Once the content reaches the destination, it is associated with more than 25 unique identities of your device, making it extremely difficult to transfer content from one device to another.

Secure Mobile Learning Chart

Secure Consumption: Even if your devices are used around the world or in the deepest part of a building, your content is encrypted and stored safely and is accessible on the mobile device. The content is viewed and consumed as it de-crypts and re-encrypts in real time. No files are left open for theft or copying. Although secure delivery is critical, there is more to Secure Mobile Learning. We want the right information deployed in the right format for each and every learner, wherever they are. That is why we developed Adaptive Microlearning — short, bite-sized learning delivered to the user when and where they need it. We can also design your remote support content into a unique Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS). We know how important it is for your team members to follow approved procedures and policies while performing to specific company standards and technical specifications. If you have ever had an employee working in the field who needed to access the right support information instantly on their mobile device, then you understand the need for EPSS. Of course, you want the information to be safe, accurate, approved by your company, relevant to the specific situation and tailored to a certain level of understanding. Raytheon offers the perfect enterprise solution with our EPSS.



Adaptive Learning:

Our Secure Mobile Learning system is Experience API (xAPI) compliant, which through data analytics makes our system able to adapt to the learners' needs. This means that learners' progress, activities and experiences are all tracked in our system. Based on each learner's role in the organization and their tracked experiences, our system can push Adaptive Microlearning to their devices, make recommendations for other experiences and even trigger events that are most meaningful and appropriate for their specific needs. We also perform the necessary analytics to measure impact and make modifications to improve the overall learning and performance experience.

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