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Department of Transportation (DoT) Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) Traffic Management (TM)

The John A. Volpe Transportation Systems Center's (NTSC) (Volpe Center) role in the innovative process applies a systems perspective in assessing needs and requirements. The center's team analyzes and deploys innovative transportation systems solutions – operational or technological. Its funding approach promotes agility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Who Can Use It

Department of Transportation (DoT) and other federal agencies.

What Is the Scope?

The Volpe Center provides CNS/TM related research and development support in response to near term U.S. Government program needs. Seven areas identified include:

  • Strategic planning, architecture analysis and systems engineering
  • Air traffic management systems
  • Position, navigation and timing (PNT) systems
  • Surveillance systems/ADS-B surveillance systems
  • Autonomous and unmanned systems
  • Communication systems
  • Traffic/fleet management automation, display and control systems

How Does It Work

The Volpe (NTSC) in Cambridge, Massachusetts will task work that will be performed for NASA, FA and DoD/DHS customers. Raytheon has the option to bid competitively on any task order.

Whom Do I Contact

Michael Ellis

Ed Stevens
Capture Manager

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