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Strategic Supplier Alliance Corporate Contract (SSA)

The Strategic Supplier Alliance (SSA) Corporate Contract is an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) contract that is for the acquisition of Raytheon OEM products and associated services.

Who Can Use It

It may be used by any federal agency.

What Is The Scope

Under this contract, customers may procure any Raytheon sole source spare parts. However, the overall scope is to procure, repair, and technical/engineering services.

How Does It Work

  • Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) sends an NSN list with Annual Demand Usage;
  • Raytheon acknowledges the request, reviews the requirements and proceeds to price the items, in accordance with the Pricing Methodology Agreement (PMA);
  • Proposals/prices are evaluated by the customer;
  • A Task Order is awarded;
  • An Incentive Plan is available.

Raytheon sites are formally added to the contract by modification. PMA has been established between DLA and Raytheon; individual Raytheon sites may establish their own unique aspects to the agreed upon PMA.

Prices for items and services that are developed in accordance with the PMA require no negotiation.

The item or service is then listed on the Corporate Contract with unit prices and delivery dates by modification and made available to U.S. Government facilities.

The procuring activity works directly with the appropriate Raytheon site to create the Delivery Order.

There is minimal involvement by DLA or Raytheon sites. DLA issues a control number and keeps track of funds committed to the contract.

Raytheon receives a copy of the signed Delivery Order and all modifications for record keeping purposes.

Whom Do I Contact

Ronald Garcia

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