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Operations, Planning, Training and Resource Support Services II (OPTARSS II)

OPTARSS II is the U. S. Army Forces Command follow-on to OPTARSS I. This is a multiple award IDIQ contract to provide support to all DoD activities and FORSCOM combat, combat support and combat services support units. Any DoD agency can use OPTARSS II.

The Raytheon team combines responsiveness, innovation and superior quality to deliver warfighter support to the U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) and DoD activities around the world.

Who Can Use It

Any Department of Defense (DoD) agency can use OPTARSS II

What Is The Scope

Modeling and Simulation

  • Modeling and Simulation System/Decision Support
  • Development and Sustainment
  • Exercise Operation Support
  • Simulation Center Training Support
  • Analytic Activities


  • Training Operations
  • Training Integration
  • Training Center support
  • Training Exercises
  • Distance Learning Training
  • Range Training Operation
  • Technical and Analytical Training Support
  • Joint Tactical Air Operation Interface Training Program

Flight Operations

  • Airfield Operations
  • VFR Air Traffic Control Operations
  • Air Traffic Services

Organizational Planning
Mobilization Plans/Execution

  • Mobilization Planning
  • Mobilization Exercise Support
  • Mobilization Management
  • Mobilization Requirement and Analytical Support
  • Mobilization Process Automation Support

Deployment Operations

  • Deployment Process Training
  • Deployment System Training
  • Deployment Exercise Support
  • Deployment Information Support
  • Deployment Management
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Analytic Support
  • SITREP and Information Operation Management

Force Protection Programs

  • Antiterrorism
  • Level II Antiterrorism Mobil Training Team
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High Explosive (CBRNE) Support


How Does It Work

The Raytheon OPTARSS II PMO is the single POC for interface with the US Government Task Ordering Contracting Officer (TOCO). The PMO issues Task Orders to all teammates when issued and coordinates all task order responses to the using DoD activity. Teammates can register opportunities through the PMO and the OMIS when it becomes operational. OPTARSS II has no set format for Requests for Task Order Proposal (RTOPs) or Requests for Task Order Response (RTORs).

Whom Do I Contact

David L Jennings
Program Manager
Office: 571.250.3641
Cell: 703.589.8541

Olivia Garves
Contract Manager
Office: 571.250.3420

TI Weintraub
Business Development Manager
Office: 719.623.5191

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