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NATO Countries BOA

The NATO Countries BOA is an acquisition instrument negotiated between NATO and Raytheon on behalf of NATO headquarters and NATO member nations. The scope of this contract includes Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR); Missile Defense; Homeland Security; and Precision Engagement.

Who Can Use It

NATO Organizations – Any entity created by the North Atlantic Council or Defense Planning Committee and to which either NATO agreement or protocol set up pursuant to NATO applies.

Governmental Agencies of NATO Member Nations – Any government agency, including military forces of any of the 28 NATO Member Nations.

Contractors performing on behalf of NATO/member nations Partnership for Peace Countries – Non-NATO member nations who signed the Partnership for Peace Agreement on or after January 10, 1994; may be eligible, subject to a case-by-case agreement between NATO and RTN.

What Is The Scope

The scope of the BOA falls into four main categories:

  1. Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance: Observe, locate, process, decide and disseminate actionable information to decision makers
  2. Precision Engagement: allow joint NATO/coalition forces to access, locate, survey, discern, and track targets, select, organize and use the correct systems, generate desired effects, assess results, and re-engage with decisive speed and overwhelming operational tempo
  3. Homeland Security: protect the nation's citizens, property, infrastructure, and cyberspace
  4. Missile Defense: develop and field an integrated ballistic missile defense for the homeland, deployed forces, friends, and allies against ballistic missiles of all ranges in all phases of flight

How Does It Work

Push Opportunities from NATO

  • Competitive opportunities from NATO sent to BOA holders via NATO or the State Department
    • Do not necessarily fall under BOA but are exclusively for BOA holders
    • Disseminated to companies with appropriate capabilities/scope
    • Hundreds of companies hold BOAs including all top defense contractors
  • Opportunities sent from NATO PMO to the Raytheon TOON Network via IONS (International Opportunity Notices)

Pull Opportunities

  • Process mirrors pulling contracts through other IDIQ’s
    • RTN shapes opportunity and directs customer to the NATO BOA
    • International customer issues Task order under BOA directly to RTN
    • If competition is required (such as USG Customer) can solicit NATO to conduct competition among BOA
      • Raytheon will shape RFP
    • Can work directly with customer to place sole-source work on BOA
      • Do not have to go through NATO
    • Customer can use NATO's assistance, for a fee
      • Must present NATO with any required sole-source justifications

Whom Do I Contact

Jim Banks
Program Manager
Raytheon Company
Portsmouth, RI 02871
401.842.5465 (office)

Valerie St. Peter
Program Administrator
Raytheon Company
Portsmouth, RI 02871
401.842.5480 (office)

Karen Quimby
Contract Manager
978.930.2623 (office)

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