The Raytheon PMO is the single POC for Team Raytheon interactions with the Acquisition Office. We are here to help educate customers, teammates and vendors on the process and use of GTACS.

The Contracting Officer will determine the amount of time allowed for the Contractor to submit a Task Executinon Plan (TEP). On average this will be seven to fourteen calendar days from receipt of the task solicitation called the RTEP (Request for Task Execution Plan). The Contractor shall submit an "Intent to Respond" to the RTEP to the Contracting Officer as specified in the RTEP. The Contracting Officer will adjust the time allowed for the contractor to submit a proposal based on the complexity of the individual RTEP. In some instances, depending on complexity or simplicity and availability of the equipment or services being ordered, the TEP response time may be reduced to under seven days. The Task Execution Plan (TEP) shall be in accordance with the RTEP attached to the contract. Unless otherwise specified by the Government, the TEP size shall not exceed twenty (20) total text pages.