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Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Basic Order Agreement (BOA)

The DEA BOA was created for the purchase of telecommunication intercept and collection equipment and supporting services.

Who Can Use It

It may be used by any federal agency.

What Is The Scope

The scope includes providing telecommunication intercept and collection equipment and services. Help Desk support, engineering services, warranty, annual maintenance program, and training services are also provided under this BOA. Specifically, Raytheon's intercept and collection equipment which provides integrated circuit-switched telephony, Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and internet collection in a single turnkey solution is available this BOA.

How Does It Work

Orders issued under the BOA constitute individual contracts. Contracting Officers from all federal agencies are authorized to issue delivery orders against this BOA after receiving an authorized delivery number from DEA. Time and Material rates for engineering services are provided on this BOA.

Whom Do I Contact


Ray Jordan
Program Manager
571.250.2262 (phone)

Rashad Bazemore
571.226.5848 (phone)

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