You and Your Agency
Step 1. Identify Requirement. Request assistance from the Raytheon ATSP Office and/or DMEA, Sacramento, CA.

Step 2. Government Coordination. Coordinate with DMEA to define the requirement and clarify any scope issues. DMEA coordinates with you and your agency to determine that your requirement is within the scope of the ATSP3 contract.

Step 3. Confirm Use of ATSP3. Mutually agree with DMEA to use ATSP3.

Step 4 Develop Documents. Develop the necessary strategy and documents with DMEA assistance. These include the Contractual Engineering Task (CET) (functionally equivalent to a SOW) and Supplemental Information Form (SIF).

Step 5. Procurement Package. Provide funding via MIPR or other appropriate document. DMEA prepares and issues the procurement package.

Step 6. Evaluate Proposal, Negotiate and Award Contract. Review the proposal and provide a technical evaluation to DMEA. DMEA reviews the proposal and coordinates DMEA's and your technical evaluation inputs. DMEA negotiates and issues the Delivery Order contract.

You and your agency manage the task on a daily basis. DMEA provides technical oversight during task performance and, if you desire, can provide daily task management.