Technology Today

2015 Issue 1

A Message From Mark E. Russell

Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance

Mark Russell

Raytheon advanced manufacturing methods and processes are important elements of our technology development strategy. While much emphasis is placed on new component research and product designs, new manufacturing technologies also significantly improve the quality, reliability, timeliness and cost effectiveness of our products.

This issue of Technology Today highlights some of the innovative manufacturing technologies being developed and applied at Raytheon and describes how these technologies improve our product prototyping and manufacturing. Our feature articles cover a wide range of areas from automated manufacturing, to rapid prototyping, to advanced manufacturing methods and processes.

In the automated manufacturing area, the Raytheon Redstone Missile Integration Facility and the Raytheon Advanced Products Center are highlighted as manufacturing and integration facilities that use automation to improve the quality, timeline and safety for Navy Standard Missile production and production of radar components and systems, respectively. Additive manufacturing, tailored to Raytheon needs, and our immersive design centers are also described in this edition, providing examples of Raytheon’s rapid prototyping and design aid activities. Some of our university partnerships in advanced manufacturing as well as new manufacturing processes for sensors and devices highlight our ongoing commitment to investigating and implementing new methods that improve how we build our products and systems.

In our Leaders Corner, the Raytheon Operations Council answers questions about how the council investigates new and emerging manufacturing methods. Our Eye on Technology section features the End-to-End Distributed Development System, a high-fidelity simulation of the Standard Missile-3 and Aegis Weapon System, and the Special Interest section article describes an important and emerging need for scalable infrastructure protection capabilities, such as for protecting oil platforms and refineries.

In our People section, the Raytheon Young Employee Success Network is introduced as an example of Raytheon’s many Employee Resource Groups that help employees connect and celebrate their diversity. Finally, the Events section provides an example of Raytheon’s commitment to supporting science, technology, engineering and mathematics initiatives by highlighting a University of Arizona event to help high school students build telescopes.


Mark E. Russell

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