Vets get help along career path

Raytheon scholarships help veterans find success in civilian life

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Former Army technician Henry Scott received a Raytheon scholarship in 2015.

Henry Scott, a former Army IT technician, sees his service as a natural transition to a civilian career in cybersecurity. But he needs further education to break into the field.

As part of our $5 million, multiyear commitment to Student Veterans of America, Scott received a Raytheon scholarship in 2015. He enrolled at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina to pursue his goal of protecting information for all people.

We support more than 1,300 SVA chapters nationally and internationally that help veterans transition to civilian life by providing resources, advocacy and a community of people who have experiences — and dreams — these students can relate to.

Our RAYVETS employee resource group and American Corporate Partners, an organization connecting veterans with business leaders — and advice — recently launched a mentorship program for student veterans. Raytheon volunteers, many of whom are veterans themselves, advise students on topics such as job interview skills and tips for networking with professionals in a desired career field.

“When employers hire a veteran, they add a unique set of skills to their company,” says Jared Lyon, president and CEO of SVA. “We’re excited to work with Raytheon, a company who understands that value, to give veterans the support they need to land jobs, build careers and strengthen our workforce.”

Published On: 04/23/2016
Last Updated: 12/15/2017