Safety First (Hand)

Raytheon helps Quantico employees improve workplace safety

A million $1 ideas are better than a single $1 million dollar idea.

That phrase keeps Kurt Vimont, director of safety at Marine Corps Base Quantico, focused on how to get more employees involved in improving workplace safety. It's part of the inspiration Vimont and his colleagues have gained from having Raytheon as a mentor on safety.

J.A. Rodriguez, senior manager of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability at Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services, is mentoring Quantico personnel as the base pursues Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Star certification from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The VPP Star program recognizes exemplary achievement in occupational safety.

Along with empowering Quantico employees to speak up and evolve safety procedures, the base has begun a Safety Assist Visit process to share best practices learned from Raytheon, which has 36 worksites that are VPP Star-certified.

"We're talking to an organization that has been through it and can help us learn from their experiences," Vimont says. Opportunities to tour Raytheon facilities and observe best practices "have shown our leadership that safety is a key component of our business."

Published On: 04/25/2016
Last Updated: 11/30/2017