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Employee resource groups embrace the value of diversity

At Raytheon, employee resource groups help to generate innovation through the promotion of diverse ideas.

You're a skilled engineer from a nontraditional background, looking to put your talents to work at a place that not only welcomes diversity but genuinely values your unique perspective.

Why choose Raytheon over other global technology companies vying for your attention?

One of the many reasons might be our network of employee resource groups, which create opportunities to meet, collaborate, network and exchange ideas with people who share your interests, background, orientation or culture. Our nine ERGs contribute to an atmosphere where all employees feel empowered to contribute and succeed.

"Diversity is a foundation for growth," says Emanuel Brady, vice president and chief diversity officer for Raytheon. "More people from different backgrounds bring more and different ideas to the table. And those diverse ideas generate innovation."

People from different backgrounds bring different ideas to the table. Diverse ideas generate innovation.
— Emanuel Brady,
Vice president and chief diversity officer for Raytheon

Network of support

Raytheon ERGs foster educational and professional development for nearly 20,000 members. For the company, ERG-driven learning and leadership opportunities support people to embrace challenges, solve problems, spur innovation and drive growth.

As member of the Raytheon Women's Network ERG, Diane Foley experiences the business value of diversity in all forms daily. "It extends beyond culture," Foley says. "Promoting a diverse environment generates real business benefits."

Employees reach out to colleagues more readily across the company. They hone communications and leadership skills. Employees also connect with disparate areas of the business they wouldn't normally engage.

ERGs also generate one of the most valuable assets that a global organization can offer: exposure. Employees gain insight into other businesses, access to senior leadership and executives, and a greater understanding of how to advance at Raytheon. "This is real-world experiential training," Foley says. "They learn how to get things done."

Plus, newer employees profit from time spent with experienced colleagues and leaders. Mentoring sessions provide guidance on career path development, and senior members offer feedback to address experience gaps for junior employees.

The ERG leadership team also receives ongoing training and development. At ERG Leader Workshops, participants exchange best practices, receive influential communications coaching and participate in skill-building sessions.

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Bedrock of innovation

When diversity is foundational, employees grow more confident, engaged and connected. "It can be hard to break into a large organization, especially as a new employee from a diverse background," says Ingrid Jacobs, Raytheon's corporate diversity leader. "The ERGs offer a safe environment to engage, experiment and occasionally fail. But ultimately, to succeed and grow."

Our ERGs also are powerful tools to attract, recruit and retain employees from diverse backgrounds. "We continually have to explore ways of getting new talent into the organization," Jacobs says. "When potential employees meet successful professionals who are like them, they understand that Raytheon is a place where they can thrive as well."

Through mentoring, newer employees profit from time spent with experienced colleagues and leaders.

Last Updated: 11/02/2017

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