Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Today’s organizations are faced with many challenges - with the targeted attack being the one that keeps most of us awake at night. Although a security program may be in place, a lot of time is still spent reacting to alerts from signature-based technologies designed to detect, notify and block known threats.

Instead, the focus should be on understanding the attacker’s point of view and their tactics, techniques, and procedures. Most successful targeted attacks use methods that evade most detection tools because they do not make much noise or use standard system tools. This, in combination with the size and complexity of our environments, makes it really difficult to identify all, if any, threat activity from targeted attacks.

We know it’s not a matter of if an organization will be compromised, but a matter of when. Learn more about how to understand and identify the attackers and defend against targeted attacks.

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Advanced cyber attacks can now nest inside a network for more than 200 days on average before being discovered. In the infamous Sony Pictures breach, the hackers infiltrated the network for over a year before they were detected. That is a long time for an attacker to stealthily gather private data, monitor communications, and map the network.*


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