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Ready. Aim. Test.

This virtual proving ground simulates entire environments to test cyber defenses


It is a state-of-the-art cyber range, a virtual proving ground for testing and training in digital defense.

Raytheon's Cyber Operations, Development and Evaluation (CODE) Center, unveiled earlier this year, is part of the company's network of cyber innovation and demonstration centers around the world. It is used to help customers rapidly pinpoint solutions to difficult and complex cyber challenges. The tools and techniques it offers are agile, flexible and scalable to meet evolving threats.

On a range, environments can be created to assess the destructive effects of attacks by nation states or sophisticated cyber criminals. The CODE Center is used to conduct and re-run exercises that enhance cyber defense technologies and hone the skills of cyber professionals.

In just hours or days, Raytheon range operators can emulate any size or kind of networked environment, including air traffic control, power grids, water supplies or security operations centers.

For a look at what happens inside Raytheon's ranges, watch the video below:

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Last Updated: 11/04/2015

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